Here's the story of San Diego Comic-Con International in pictures, this group from Saturday.  To go back to the beginning of our series, see Part 1.  To check out Friday, see Part 3.

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The six-pack might be painted on, but still, Silver Surfer, looking good for the show.

Like Simon Pegg, this guy was apparently not happy with the director change on Ant-Man (see "Simon Pegg Laments 'Ant-Man' Director Change").

A third Oculus Rift experience on the floor.  In this one, at the Legendary booth, fans were able to experience life as a jaeger pilot.  We tried this one, and agree with our E3 report by columnist Rob Salkowitz (see "E3 Report: The Future's So Bright You've Got to Wear Goggles") that the new virtual reality devices and software have the potential to transform entertainment.

3D Systems, the 3D printer and software company that acquired Gentle Giant Studios, the leading provider of 3D modeling for the entertainment and toy industries, in January, was visible in the Gentle Giant booth with 3D scanning equipment and 3D printers that allowed them to scan fans’ faces and 3D-print them onto figures, as with this example of a staff member.

We sense a power blast, coming our way from Star Sapphire!

He could be Fluttershy from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, but carrying a Hello Kitty bag seems incongruous.

Effects house Weta Workshop, one of the partners in the new Thunderbirds Are Go! series (see "'Thunderbirds' Gets Series Order"), brought this ship.

Finn and the Ice King from Adventure Time.

Zombie Dorothy and Toto, perhaps the most disturbing thing since zombie Teletubbies (see "Comic-Con 2014 Photos--Part 6").

This Gotham zipline, promoting the new TV show, took riders past the skyline.  The Marriott, in the distance at the other end of the Convention Center, was wrapped for Legends.

Apple White from Ever After High, and Catty Noir from Monster High, both Mattel characters.

Also at Mattel, in the Hot Wheels space, the Darth Vader car.

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