According to Variety, Miramax films has made a 'preemptive deal' with Archie Comics Entertainment for the right to produce a live action Betty & Veronica film.  Although the perpetual teens from Archie Comics have been roaming the halls of Riverdale High for 60 years, this will be the first live action film ever made featuring Archie, Jughead, and the gang.  Allan I. Grafman, President of Archie Comics Entertainment told Variety, 'This is a huge first step for our company, it is the flagship brand.  Miramax has made a substantial financial commitment to the movie and will be our partner in merchandising from the start.  We believe this has unlimited potential for the youth market, and it has been kept off the market until now.'


Because most Archie comics are sold on the newsstands and not in comic shops, many comic retailers are unaware of the potency of the brand.  Retailers who do carry Archies, like Buddy Sanders of Lone Star Comics, have told ICv2 on several occasions that the comics (and collections) sell very well in a family-friendly atmosphere.


Miramax's acquisition of Betty & Veronica (along with other projects such as the Green Hornet and Artemis Fowl) indicates that the studio that produced Pulp Fiction is busy expanding its effort to include family-friendly fare more typical of its parent corporation (Disney).