Mezco Toyz is producing a line of ultra-cool action figures for the Hellboy movie, which is set for an April 2004 release (see 'Hellboy Release Date Moved Up').  Based on the Dark Horse comic book by Mike Mignola, Hellboy is a supernatural action-adventure film directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, and John Hurt.  Mezco's Hellboy toy line, which will be released in March, includes 8-inch scale action figures, 'Kubrick-like' Mez-Itz figures, and a spectacular 18-inch Hellboy rotocast figure.


The heart of the line is composed of five 8-inch scale hyper-detailed figures featuring a mind-boggling 18-22 points of articulation.   The set includes Hellboy, Abe Sapian, Kroenen, Sammael, and Rasputin.  These figures could represent a real breakthrough for Mezco and should score a lot of points with collectors -- and these figures, like the Hellboy movie itself, are aimed squarely at teenagers and adults, not kids.  Action figure collectors will certainly drool over the magnificent 18-inch deluxe Hellboy figure, which recently received rave reviews from the extremely savvy toy collectors' Website,  This rotocast figure, with ball jointed neck, shoulders, right wrist, and torso, comes complete with a cloth shirt and mock leather coat.


In addition to the action figures, Mezco is also producing figures of Hellboy, Kronen, Sammael, Abe and Rasputin in its blocky, 'Kubrick-like' Mez-Itz line.