John Byrne has revealed on his Website that he will be writing and drawing a new Doom Patrol comic book series for DC.  Byrne described the new series as a 'reboot' -- meaning that new readers will be able to jump into the story right away and not have to deal with forty years of continuity for the group, which first appeared in 1963.  While core Doom Patrol members The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man will appear in Byrne's version, Gar Logan (Beast Boy) apparently will not.  Byrne mentioned that the catchy, though contradictory tag line, 'Together Again for the First Time' might appear on the cover of the first issue as a sort of coded lure for new readers. 


Byrne would not reveal any details about possible new members of the team or new villains or whether any villains from the group's past would return.  Byrne complained (like many creators have in the past) that some fans are overly concerned with the minutia of comic book continuity, but he also mentioned that the impact of the changes he is making in the Doom Patrol are 'far less than Frank Miller's alterations of the Batman mythos in Year One.'