Image Comics' revival of G.I. Joe is going very well.  In spite of overprinting final orders by a whopping 33%, the book is now a virtual sellout and Image is going back to press to print more.  'We have ordered the book back on the presses immediately,' said Image VP-Publisher, Jim Valentino.  'Our goal is to get it into the hands of every customer who wants one.' 


Cover Switch

Image will make it easy for fans and retailers to differentiate between the two printings by switching the covers for the second printing.  David Beck's portrait of Snake Eyes will be on the front cover of the second printing, while the back cover will sport the J. Scott Campbell art which graced the front of the first printing.


The Right Product for a Patriotic Era?

It is difficult to tell what sort of effects last week's horrific happenings will have on American pop culture.  Joe had a nice revival in the 1980s, which was a very patriotic era, though it lacked a galvanizing event like the WTC bombing which has brought the country together for a common purpose.  Advance reorders on the title were strong before the attack, and this is at least a confirmation of that positive trend.  Retailers might do well to check their orders on G.I. Joe #2, since there is still time for advance reorders.