Scary Godmother 2: The Revenge of Jimmy debuts on the Cartoon Network on Friday, October 7, the first of many showings during the month culminating in a Halloween double feature that includes the first Scary Godmother cartoon and airs at 7 pm (ET, PT) on the 31st.  Created by Jill Thompson, who also served as the art director for the cartoon series produced by the Canadian company Mainframe Entertainment, the Scary Godmother animated shows are targeted at youngsters from 6-11 and based on Thompson's Scary Godmother series published by Sirius.  The first Scary Godmother cartoon (see 'Scary Godmother on Cartoon Network') was one of the Cartoon Network's most highly-rated specials of last year's holiday season.


Out in Feb.

Sirius has recently published a 48-page Scary Godmother hardcover ($19.95) with a trade paperback edition ($9.95) set for release on October 5th.  The 96-page Scary Godmother: Spooktacular Stories is also available from Sirius in a newly released paperback edition ($9.95).  The book version of Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy is slated for a February 2006 release.