Toei Animation and Bandai Japan are re-launching the Digimon property in Japan with a new anime series Digimon Savers, which will debut on Fuji TV on April 2nd.  The new anime series will be accompanied by a new wave of Digimon toys and a new version of the Digimon CCG known as Digimon Card Game Alpha.  According to sources inside Bandai America Digimon fans here in the States can expect to see the re-launched Digimon anime and its accompanying products starting in the summer of 2007.


The Digimon Savers anime takes place in the near future after the existence of the Digital monsters has been confirmed by the discovery of the Digital world inside the Net.  As more is learned about the Digital world it becomes apparent that, although they are rare, there are evil Digimon, and a group DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) is formed to combat them.