We recently spoke to Denis Kitchen, agent and family representative for the Will Eisner estate, who told us how The Spirit found a home at Odd Lot Entertainment in 2004 (see 'Hollywood Options Three More Comic Book Properties';  'Jeph Loeb to Write 'Spirit' Movie';  and 'Miller to Helm 'Spirit' Movie').


Tell us how The Spirit finally found a producer?

Michael Uslan at Batfilm, Inc. had acquired The Spirit from Will about 10 or 11 years ago, knocked on every door in Hollywood and no studio was interested, mainly because The Spirit wasn't as high profile as a Spider-Man or a Batman. Every time a studio exec would come in and meet with him, he kept getting, 'No.'


Finally Odd Lot Entertainment opens its office, he goes in and introduces himself to Deborah Del Prete and says, 'I've got the best comic book property that's never been made into a movie.' And she put her hand up and said, 'Stop, don't tell me you've got The Spirit.'


He said, 'It was love at first sight,' and that's how it happened.