Since the deal for Guardians of Order to produce fan guides for anime distributed by Pioneer was announced last spring (see 'Pioneer Taps Guardians for Guides'), the release schedule for the first products in the line has been revised more than once.  Now Guardians of Order has updated the release schedule for its guides:


Serial Experiments Lain:  Ultimate Fan Guide is now scheduled to ship to distributors in late February 2002.    Trigun:  Ultimate Fan Guide will ship to distributors in May 2002.  Parallel Dual:  Ultimate Fan Guide will ship in April.  And a new product in the series has been announced.  Fushigi Yugi:  Ultimate Fan Guide is scheduled to ship to distributors in May, featuring similar content to the other Guides: episode summaries, in-depth character profiles, setting and theme analysis, and hundreds of full-color images.  All of the Guides also serve as resource material for gamers using the BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) game system from Guardians. 


Guardians of Order has also announced a couple of other new BESM products.  BESM:  Fantasy Bestiary is scheduled for May shipping at $15.95 for 96 pages.  It features D6 Tri-Stat Character Point templates for traditional fantasy races.  BESM Dungeon Crawl will also ship in May at $15.95.  It's 'an homage to anime-style video games and classic dungeon hack role-playing.'  The BESM Revised Second Edition is going back to press and is shipping in March.