Ralph Finck of The Batter's Box in Truro, Nova Scotia, sent us a copy of his letter to Upper Deck on the unavailability of Yu-Gi-Oh to his store (see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Still in Short Supply in Hobby Stores').


Read your article on Yu-Gi-Oh and its limited availability to the hobby market.


Nice to see other hobby retailers like my self are not willing to stand by and take it.  The following is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Upper Deck, and I might add did not get a reply to (surprise!!!).



Hello Upper deck;


This is an e-mail from a frustrated customer.


My annoyance is you!!!  I buy your cards faithfully and sell them in my store -- even ones that some hobby shops don't carry.  I support you by carrying new product even when it is not popular.  What gets my goat is this.  Take the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, all of your hobby shops took them in and sold them even before anyone knew what they were, we took the chance!  Now that we have promoted them and made them more popular than Pokemon.  Just when it looks like we will have a product that might boost our bottom line you sell to the big box stores like Wal-Mart, the blood suckers of retail who don't give two s!$#& about the low volume product, who did not promote it until it was a thing to have.  Now they will get it and sell it for less then I buy for.  Just so they can kill the market, take all the money and run when it no longer suits them.


I'm sick of being out priced by these guys and you people don't seem to understand that it affects the whole market and reduces the fair market value of the product.  So the price I was originally selling it for no one is willing to pay because the product was dumped.  And if they can buy it for so little why can't I get it for the same price, so at least I can compete.


Let's stop this trend before it is too late and the consumer looses confidence in the product.