When Ilan Strasser of Fat Moose took issue with Farace's previous comments on Yu-Gi-Oh (see 'Ilan Strasser of Fat Moose on Yu-Gi-Oh'), it prompted Farace to stress his longevity using his current strategy:


The biggest excuse I heard from my competitors during the Pokemon 'boom' was explaining their reluctance/inability/laziness to buy product at any more than wholesale prices.  I've since bought two of those people out of the business because they not only didn't carry the product at whatever cost, they let their customers walk into better stores who went the extra mile.  I suppose that if I called Fat Moose (Mooses?), they don't have a back issue department, don't carry anything other than Type 2 Magic and don't expect to have any more Yu-Gi-Oh until September.  Fine, their call.  For the other retailers that read this, my advice to you is still.....DO YOUR JOB!  Pokemon 'customer' retention levels were average to low as they should be with any 'hot' mass marketed item.  Who remembers where they bought their 'Tickle Me Elmo' or 'Furby'? Part of your job is to draw customers into your store so you have the OPPORTUNITY to (and pardon the insurance term) 'cross sell' them on your other products and turn them into CLIENTS.  Even if you buy Yu-Gi-Oh at retail from the chains and sell it for the same price at your store, you have the chance to see 24 more people.  And YES, limit them to one pack per person if you don't have an ample supply.  It'll keep dealers from buying up your supply.  It'll let you see more people.  And, when you let certain customers have more, it'll help build a relationship.


Some people reading my comments missed the boat (and considering the misquotes, got on the wrong boat altogether) and shouldn't judge morals when they can't keep copy straight.  Those who have all the answers before the question is asked should make better use of their idle time.  History shows that we wouldn't be celebrating 20 years in business next year if it weren't for the way we do business and the knowledge we've aquired from others.  Hope some people out there were listening.