Wizards of the Coast will release Original Dungeons & Dragons RPG, a "Premium Reprint" of the very first D&D releases, on November 19th.  The white box released in 1974 included Volume 1: Men & Magic; Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure; and Volume 3: Underworld & Wilderness Adventures.  This new edition will include those three booklets plus Supplement 1: Greyhawk; Supplement II: Blackmoor; Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry; Supplement 4: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes,” plus reference sheets.
Each of the booklets in the new release will have interiors identical to the originals, including art, with new cover illustrations. 
The box will be more elaborate than the original, and will also include dice.
The MSRP is $149.99, which seems like a lot until you compare it to the prices for the original printings (we saw a 6th printing in the original shrink wrap on Amazon for $1999.99).
The will mark the end of the journey that Wizards of the Coast has been taking back to the origins of D&D.  The company began by reprinting D&D 3.5 (see "WotC to Reprint '‘3.5 Edition'"), and AD&D (see "WotC to Reprint 'AD&D'").  This summer will see reprints of D&D 2nd Edition (see "WotC Readies 'D&D' Reprints").