Fantasy Flight Games has announced the Q3 release of the Star Wars X-Wing: Rebel Aces Expansion Pack (MSRP $29.95), the latest expansion announced for the popular X-Wing collectible miniatures game.  The Rebel Aces Expansion Pack is not a stand-alone game, it requires the core X-Wing game in order to play.
The X-Wing: Rebel Aces Expansion Pack contains one A-wing and one B-wing miniature, both which come with alternate paint schemes.  The Expansion also includes four highly skilled new pilots, thirteen upgrade cards, a dramatic rescue mission scenario, plus all the tokens and maneuver dials needed to launch these starfighters against the Empire.
Both the A-wing and B-wing miniatures included in the Rebel Aces Expansion share the same 1/270 scale as the miniatures found in the A-Wing Expansion Pack and the B-Wing Expansion Pack.