Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, has announced the promotion of Loren Greenwood to President of WotC.  Greenwood, who has been with Wizards for the past eight years, was appointed EVP and COO in June of 2002.  Greenwood replaces Chuck Huebner, who joined Hasbro in 2000 as Senior VP in charge of Strategic Planning, and who was given the position of President of WotC in 2002, when Wizards was rocked by a scandal (see 'Wizards of the Coast Rocked By Change'), which led to the firing of a Senior Vice President.


Greenwood joined Wizards in 1996, well before the Hasbro takeover, as Vice President of Sales.  In 1999 he became Senior VP of Global Sales & International Offices. His portfolio was expanded in 2001 to include Global Sales, Marketing and Organized Play.  In 2002 Greenwood became COO at the same time Huebner was appointed President.  In the first quarter of 2004 Wizards posted a 16% increase in sales, which helped Hasbro meet analysts' expectations (see 'TCGs Boost Hasbro Sales').