Palladium Books is planning a spring/summer launch for its Warpath: Urban Jungle Role-Playing Game, which deals with the secret wars taking place on the mean streets of our major cities involving anti-gang, anti-drug and counter-terrorism operations.  The game is based on Jeffrey Scott Hansen's Warpath novel, a gritty and violent tale of gangs and undercover agents on the streets of Detroit.  Palladium is making the novel available again only via Internet download (for $10.95) and only to those 18 or older beginning December 19th.


The Warpath RPG is a gritty game of espionage, violence and war, a hard-edged, combat RPG that deals with a secret war against crime, gangs and drugs waged by a super-secret agency more covert than the NSA that numbers police, FBI, special ops, and ex-criminals among its operatives. 


Warpath novelist Jeffrey Scott Hansen and Kevin Siembieda are writing the Warpath RPG, which will feature a cover by John Zeleznik.   The final page count and retail price are yet to be determined, but it is expected to be 192-256 pages, and range in price from $22.95 to $24.95.