The Kill Bill franchise is having a good week leading into the release of Kill Bill Vol. 2 this weekend.  The Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD was released on Tuesday, and first day sales were reported to be over 2 million copies, with double that expected by the end of the week.  Those first day sales represent about $40 million at retail, and the total for the franchise (DVD sales of 1 and the box office gross of 2) at over $100 million for the week. 


A prototype of NECA's figure of The Bride made a guest appearance on Conan O'Brian this week, along with the real live Uma Thurman.  Conan spent some time playing with the figure, and said of it, 'I've never seen an action figure that is this detailed or cool before.' 


NECA's first series of action figures include not only the Uma Thurman character, but also Go Go, O-Ren Ishii, and the Crazy 88 characters (see 'NECA's Kill Bill 'Crazy 88' Figures').   


The sequel is also getting rave reviews in the run-up to its release.