The current Doctor Who series is the third most popular TV show in Britain with an audience share of 40%, representing more than 8 million viewers. 


Variety speculation about the show's continued popularity points to strong writing by Russell Davies, among others, especially since the two original stars of this revived series left the show before this season. David Tennant is the tenth and current actor to portray the Time Lord and took over the role from Christopher Eccleston in season two.  Billie Piper, who played Rose Tyler, has been replaced by Freema Agyeman as medical student Martha Jones.


The Sci Fi Channel has aired seasons one and two, and the DVDs are available from BBC Worldwide (see ''Who 2' Out in January').  So far this year, the Sci Fi Channel schedule shows an eight-hour block of Dr. Who episodes slated for May 30th.  There have been no announcements regarding Season Three airing in the States.