A spokesperson for Cookie Jar Entertainment confirmed to ICv2 that a Magi-Nation Collectible Card Game was 'in the works,' though he would not confirm that the reconfigured game would receive a 2008 release or any details about the company and designers involved in the project.  The Magi-Nation cartoon, which airs on the CW Network's Saturday morning animation block, appears to be doing well and an online Magi-Nation game is now in open beta testing (see 'Magi-Nation Online Game'). 


The original Magi-Nation Duel CCG, which was introduced at GenCon in 2000, featured anime style art and was designed to bridge the gap between the easy-to-play Pokemon CCG and the much more complex Magic the Gathering.  A new Magi-Nation CCG would doubtless benefit from the property's exposure as part of the CW's Saturday morning animation lineup.