Indie Boards and Cards and Action Phase Games will merge, the companies announced Monday.  Except for the Heroes Wanted lines and select other projects, future releases will be sold under the Indie Boards and Cards imprint.

Indie Boards and Cards is the maker of The Resistance and Coup (see "A New 'Coup' and a New 'The Resistance'") Action Phase recently released Kodama (see "'Kodama' from Action Phase Games"), and is planning a Tara McPherson game (see "Enter Tara McPherson's Dream World in 'Dreamwell'") and a new deck building game (see "Cooperative Deck Building Game of Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy").

Distribution will continue through Publisher Services International (PSI) for both hobby and broader channels; PSI previously handled both Indie Boards and Cards and Action Phase.

Action Phase’s Travis R. Chance and Nick Little are joining Indie Boards and Cards as Director of Product Development & Marketing and Director of Product Development & Manufacturing, respectively.

Indie Board and Cards will operate from Oakland, California, as it has in the past, with a regional office in Indianapolis, IN.

Indie Boards and Cards CEO Travis Worthington explained his reasons for wanting to do the deal.  "Indie Boards and Cards was at a critical point,” he said.  “I just couldn’t keep up with our existing business and continue to grow the company without bringing on a very talented group of game designers and developers.  Travis R. Chance and Nick Little are excellent additions, with a proven track record of making great games and providing great convention coverage and customer support."