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Online specifications for ICv2 Site Sponsorships:

Due date:
Two business days before the ad is scheduled to start.

Display ads:
Click here to see the desktop site banner ad positions.

Click here to see the mobile site banner ad positions.

  • All display ads may be in JPG, GIF or HTML5 formats
  • Please provide linking destination URLs for all ads
  • All display ads have a file weight limit of 150K for GIFs or JPGs.  450K limit for Skins

Note on Animated Image Ads:

  • Animation length can't exceed 30 seconds
  • Animated GIF ads must have a frame rate no faster than 5 fps

Banner Ads: Sizes and Postions
Top Sponsorship:  Billboard + Mobile

  • 970 x 250 pixels
  • 300 x 150 pixels

Side Sponsorship #1:  Half Page + Mobile

  • 300 x 600 pixels
  • 300 x 150 pixels

Side Sponsorship #2:  Medium Rectangle (Middle)

  • 300 x 250 pixels

Medium Rectangle (Bottom)

  • 300 x 250 pixels

Skin (Left & Right Sides)
The Skin is prepared as a single 1895 x 1000 image, with two 420 x 1000 live areas around a 1055 x 1000 inner blank area.  Template available here.  It’s recommended that the primary images or text be in roughly the inner 30% (125 x 1000) of each side ad.  Also, it's probably best to avoid the extreme bottom of the image with critical messaging, because due to extra menus in the browser, etc., some users may not be able to see the bottom 50-100 pixels of the image.

  • JPG or GIF formats only
  • Provide linking destination URL
  • File weight limit of 450kb

Animation, use of images, addressing your audience (for example, by using the word "retailers" as a text element in ads), and the use of promotional elements (e.g., "Click here for your free promo kit") will all increase your response.

Daily Insider Email Ads:
Ads in the ICv2 Daily Insider email newsletter come free with Top Sponsorship, Side Sponsorship #1, and Side Sponsorship #2.  The Daily Insider ads consist of:

  • Image:  650x387, 72 dpi
  • Headline: 10 words or less
  • Abstract:  50 words or less
  • Destination URL 

Friday Blast:
The Friday Blast email consists of:

  • Up to three words for the subject line (yours will be paired with up to four words on the content)
  • 300x600 flat (unanimated) ad in JPG or GIF format
  • Text with image
    - Headline of 10 words or less
    - 100 words or less of body text
    - Destination URL
    - Image of your product or logo (420 pixels along the max. dimension; 72 dpi; JPG)

Please direct all questions to Dennis Viau at:

Send all ad materials to:
Dennis Viau at: