Dark Horse Comics will create a line of graphic novels tied to the Mysticons TV property produced by Nelvana, the companies announced today.  The first graphic novel will ship late Summer 2018.

Mysticons will debut on Nickelodon in the U.S. this summer and on TELETOON in Canada this Fall.  The property began as a boys property back in 2013 out of a collaboration between Nelvana and The Topps Company (see “Topps Plans ‘Mysticons’”), but it’s obviously taken a different turn, as the show now stars four female leads.

“Mysticons is a contemporary, genre-defining series that shows girls the strength, power, and courage they already have from within,” Nelvana Head Pam Westman said in describing the series.  “Comics and graphic novels have continually showcased dynamic and confident female characters, and we look forward to continuing the Mysticons’ adventures in this rich and powerful way of storytelling.”

The graphic novels will be edited by Dark Horse’s Shantel LaRocque, who has a strong base in editing kids comics (see “ICv2 Interview:  Dark Horse’s Shantel LaRocque”).