Overworld Games has announced a deal with Studiocanal S.A.S. to produce a board game based on the 1990 science fiction hit Total RecallTotal Recall: The Official Tabletop Game is scheduled to release in 2018.

In the game, the players are clients of the Rekall company who have entered an artificial dream about the deadly politics of Mars.  Each player is armed with a gun and secretly seeks to eliminate the leader of either the Federal Colony or the Rebels.  But, they do not know who is on their side and who is fighting for the other side.

Based on the game system from Overworld’s Good Cop Bad Cop, Total Recall challenges players to identify their allies and opponents while keeping their own identity secret, then eliminate the leader of the other side.  The twist in Total Recall is a mechanic where players who are “shot” inside the dream “wake up” and take on the role of Rekall scientists who can then manipulate the dream world from the outside to further their own agenda.

Overworld intends to fund production of Total Recall:  The Official Tabletop Game through a Kickstarter campaign which will launch in August with trade release planned for 2018.

Overworld will soon release another deductive game, Leaders of Euphoria, set in the fictional world of Stonemaier’s Euphoria:  Build a Better Dystopia (see “‘Leaders of Euphoria’ From Overworld Games”).

A recent trend in board games has been to pull inspiration from older films, including cult classics (see “Details Emerge for ‘Big Trouble in Little China:  The Game’”), action blockbusters (see “‘Rambo:  The Board Game’”), sci fi icons (see “Film Classic ‘Planet of the Apes’ Comes to Tabletop”), and even dramatic masterpieces (see “Eric Lang’s ‘Godfather’ Board Game”), including many films that have never before appeared in game form.