Disney is working on a live action Star Wars TV series, which will begin airing on the company's digital streaming service by the end of 2019, CEO Robert Iger revealed during the company’s earnings conference call Thursday.  Iger also promised new shows tied to Marvel, Pixar’s Monsters, High School Musical, and other Disney properties.

Iger announced that Disney would be launching the over-the-top streaming service during the conference call three months ago (see "Will Disney Go Over-the-Top with Marvel and 'Star Wars'?"), and the company recently announced that it would be moving its film properties, including Star Wars and Marvel movies, from Netflix to their proprietary platform in 2019 (see "Disney Drops The Other Shoe On Netflix").  Now with the addition of new television content, the company is making more clear the appeal for a stand-alone service with Disney-only content.  The price for the new service will be "substantially below where Netflix is," Iger revealed this week, based on the amount of content on the service.