Mayfair Games has expanded its relationship with Alliance Game Distributors, Mayfair Executive Vice President Loren Roznai told ICv2.  Mayfair products have been exclusively distributed to the hobby market by Alliance since 2012 (see “Mayfair Games Goes Exclusive with Alliance”); now Mayfair has moved to “virtual office operations and exclusive flooring” with Alliance, Roznai said.  Alliance is now handling shipping for all trade channels and for direct-to-consumer orders on Mayfair products, and has taken on an expanded sales role for non-hobby channels.  Mayfair laid off three employees this fall as part of the transition to the new relationship with Alliance, Roznai said. 

Mayfair also parted ways with Twilight Creations this fall, with Mayfair’s ownership of Twilight reverting to the founder (see “Twilight Creations, Mayfair Part Ways”).  Mayfair continues its partnership with Lookout Games, the publisher of Agricola, which it acquired in 2013 (see “Mayfair Acquires Lookout Games”), and which is Mayfair’s primary supplier of games.  The 2018 schedule for Lookout releases will be released soon.