Twilight Creations has parted ways with Mayfair Games, which acquired a controlling interest last year (see “Mayfair Takes Over Twilight Creations”), both companies have confirmed.  “Ownership has reverted to the hands of the founder,” Mayfair Games Executive Vice President Loren Roznai told ICv2. 

In the wake of the change in ownership, Twilight Creations is making changes to its distribution network, company co-founder Kerry Breitenstein said in an e-mail.  The company’s products had been exclusively sold through Alliance Game Distributors during its time with Mayfair; now on its own, Twilight Creations has expanded its hobby distribution network to include ACD Distribution, Golden Distribution, and PHD Games in addition to Alliance.  A 2018 release schedule for Twilight Creations games will be available soon.  

Mayfair is also making changes to its distribution network (see “Mayfair Games Expands Relationship with Alliance”).