Brian Michael Bendis’ first published work for DC Comics under his new contract (see "Marvel’s Top Writer Signs with DC") will be a back-up story in Action Comics #1000 with art by Jim Lee, according to  DC originally announced plans for the landmark issue at New York Comic Con, a lead story by Pete Tomasi and Dan Jurgens, with back-up stories from an all-star line-up including Geoff Johns and Richard Donner (see "Superman’s Major Milestone, Wonder Woman, and Mad").

Action Comics #1000 was originally announced for March, but it will now appear in April, along with a companion hardcover volume edited by Paul Levitz that collects 80 years of Superman stories and essays as well as other Action Comics features.

DC declined to comment for ComicBook’s story, but it would make sense if Bendis’ first new work for DC was a back-up story, as he’s still completing his work for Marvel after a major illness involving multiple hospital stays (see "Bendis winds up his Marvel Obligations").