Pandasaurus Games is placing a new edition of the Spiel de Jahres-nominated coop card game The Game in Target in August.

Designed by Steffen Benndorf (Qwixx, The Game: On Fire), the cooperative card game has players attempting to play all the cards in the deck, numbered 2 – 99, into four piles – two ascending in numerical order, two descending. Players are not allowed to announce the numbers they have in their hand. Play ends when a player cannot play any cards in hand on their turn. The new exclusive version will be illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya (Dinosaur Island, Catacombs 3E, Kodama: The Tree Spirits). The artwork is meant to invoke the passage of time – from atoms to fish, snowflakes to space travel. MSRP was not announced.

So far, this deal does not appear to be a large scale move by Target to acquire another massive number of exclusive games like in past years (see “Target Adds 70+ Exclusive Games”).

 Pandasaurus partnered with IDW Games to release The Game in 2015 (see “IDW Games to Release 'The Game'”) and the game with an expansion in 2016 (see “'The Game' Returns, Now 'On Fire'”).