Sales in Hasbro’s "total gaming category" were up 14% in Q2, one of the few bright spots in a mostly down quarter.  Both overall sales and profits declined substantially from the year ago period, but were still above expectations, pushing the stock up nearly 13% on Monday.Hasbro’s total gaming sales were $312.8 million for the quarter vs. $273.3 million in Q2 2017, with Magic: The Gathering (especially Dominaria) and Monopoly (especially Gamer Edition and Cheaters Edition) called out as notable contributors.  Other contributors included Dungeons & Dragons, Duel Master, Jenga, and Don’t Step In It, the company said.  Introductions included Don’t Lose Your Cool, Chow Crown, and Connect 4 Shots.

CEO Brian Goldner said both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons were adding new customers at double-digit rates.  Goldner also reminded analysts that back in 2012, he’d noted that Magic had doubled to nearly $200 million in sales as of 2011 (see "’Magic’ the Largest Game Brand"), and that he thought it had the potential to double again.

Magic Arena has signed up over a million people for the closed beta, Goldner revealed, a sign that the new game will launch strong, presumably having an impact on sales of the tabletop game as well.

Hasbro’s overall sales for Q2 were down 7% due to the Toys 'R' Us liquidations around the world and even softer sales in Europe due to retail changes, the company said.  U.S. and Canada sales were down 7% and international sales were down 11%.  Those declines were only partially offset by a 26% increase in Entertainment and Licensing revenues, driven primarily by a change in accounting that allowed the company to book licensing revenues faster.

Profits were down 11% to $60.3 million for the quarter, from $67.7 million in the year ago period.  Games are among Hasbro’s higher margin products; higher sales of Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and Duel Masters helped keep profits as strong as they were despite the declining overall sales, CFO Deborah Thomas said in the conference call.