Details about the No Game No Life expansion for Bushiroad’s Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game have been released.  Trial Decks and Booster Packs based on the anime of the same name will release on January 25.

No Game No Life is a series of light novels, manga, and anime about a pair of step-siblings, Sora and Shiro, who become the gamer group “Blank.”  They are drawn into the world of games known as Disboard, where they hope to become the new god of games.  The characters and events depicted in the anime version of the story will appear as cards for Weiss Schwarz, and can be combined with other cards with NGL/ card numbers.

The two main characters are the focus of the No Game No Life Trial Deck.  This pre-constructed deck includes 50 cards of 20 different types, a rules sheet, a playmat, and a deck manual.  Each deck includes 2 “shiny” cards and 6 parallel cards, which will vary from deck to deck.  Some random decks will also feature one of three different rare cards with special embossing or a card with a signature from the anime’s voice cast.  Decks will be packaged in six-deck display boxes.

Additional cards will be available in No Game No Life Booster Packs, including cards based on the chess game with Kurami, the word game with Jibril, and the video game with the Warbeasts.  The complete set will have 100 cards with 27 parallels, randomly packed into eight-card booster packs.  Signature cards will be randomly inserted into some packs.  The Booster Packs will be sold in 20-pack display boxes.  Each display will have one of eight different PR box topper cards, and each 16-display carton will come with four exclusive rubber playmats.

No Game No Life is part of a trio of anime-based titles that Bushiroad announced earlier this year (see “‘Weiss Schwarz’ Adds New Anime Titles”).  It will follow the December release of a set based on Re:  ZERO (see “What’s in the Cards for ‘Weiss Schwarz’ Re: ZERO’”).