Jasco Games LLC has announced a plan to revive the board game based on Evil Dead 2, which includes possible recompense for original campaign backers.

Space Goat Productions launched a Kickstarter campaign for a tile-and-miniature-based survival horror game based on the Sam Raimi horror film in July 2016 (see “'Evil Dead 2' Comes to Tabletop”), and raised $722,622 from 6,143 backers ($117.63 /backer average).However, by the start of 2018, nothing had been delivered, and after a failed crowdfunded equity raise in May (see “Space Goat Kicks Off Crowdfunded Equity Raise”), updates on the campaign ceased.

In the announcement, Jasco stated, the company “has created an initiative to help the gaming community at large.” After extensive discussions, Jasco and Lynnvander Studios have enacted a plan to revive the game.  “We will be bringing this game back to life, as fitting as that statement is to this property. Jasco’s plan is to raise funds for a new Evil Dead 2 game, and provide a copy of that game to existing backers of the previous campaign” said Jasco Games CEO and Founder, Jason Hawronsky.

Jasco said in the statement “Jasco Games does not have access to the original game created by Space Goat Productions, they do have access to several of the components, which means a completely new game will be created using many of the original elements, all in keeping with Jasco’s high standard of quality and theme.”

The plans it for every game sold on the new Kickstarter, an additional one will be donated to an existing backer of the previous campaign. The company has acquired the backer and pre-order list from the previous campaign.

In a related incident, Gamerati announced plans last month to auction the Evil Dead 2 comic and board game merchandise in a warehouse lien against Space Goat Productions, then amended them (see “Gamerati Auctioning 'Evil Dead 2' Merch”) on October 2. When asked if the recent Jasco announcement of having “access to several of the components” involved Gamarati’s inventory, Ed Healy told ICv2 “We have not held our lien auction against Space Goat. As far as I know, Jasco is not referring to those items. Until we have completed the auction process in compliance with Washington State Law, the only party able to secure those items is Space Goat itself.”