Dust USA has released details and teaser images for winter releases for its dieselpunk weird WWII game Dust 1947.

The new Bloc, The Japanese Imperial Navy (IJN), was announced this summer (see “Japanese Imperial Navy New Block for 'Paolo Parente's Dust 1947'”), and will now release in December. The Starter Set will also be joined by the Tengu/Enenra Medium Walker, Gembu/Basan Medium Walker, Ninja Infiltration Squad, and Naval Academy Cadets Kill Squad in quick succession.

The new campaign book, Hellgate will also release this winter. It describes in detail the invasion of the world by the Mythos cultists and monsters. It includes new platoon units and scenarios and well as short stories.

December will also see the release of the Desert Scorpions Starter Set (Allies). It will be the first release entirely made in HIPS (hard plastic), including the infantry.

Each Bloc will get new releases in December or January, including the PLA/ Red Army Arnai and Grom helicopter, and Cthulhu Mythos Mi-Go Raiders.

See multiple teaser images in the gallery below!