North Star Games’ North Star Digital Studios launched Evolution: The Video Game today on Tuesday, February 12, Darwin’s birthday.  To celebrate, North Star Games will give away 1,000 copies of the original Evolution board game to players who try the online game.

The digital game can be played on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android.  The online adaptation is similar to the original board game, but also boasts new artwork, animated cards, lush environments, A. I. enemy Bosses, and a new campaign mode.  Players can also interact with players around the world through cross-platform multiplayer options.

North Star Games will be giving away 10 copes of the original Evolution board game (see “'Evolution,' a Strategy Game”) every day for the first 100 days to players just for trying out the Evolution: The Video Game.  Each day 10 winners will be randomly selected out of everyone who played an online game that day.  Its’s free to enter on iOS and Android, just download and play an online match each day.  Winners must cover the cost of shipping.

“Since its release in 2014, the original Evolution tabletop game and its many iterations have been a huge hit with players,” said Scott Rencher, North Star Digital Studios president and co-founder.  “We wanted Evolution: The Video Game to not only stand out as a worthwhile adaptation of the tabletop original, but as a great strategy video game all on its own.”

Evolution: The Video Game is available in English on PC and Mac via Steam for $14.99.  It is also available as free-to-try on iOS and Android with a full version available for $9.99 as a one-time purchase.  Those who purchase the game in the first week will receive a 20% launch sale discount.

See below for video game stills.