This October DC Comics will continue its bestselling line of Super Hero Girls graphic novels that target girls from 6-12 (and tie-in with the Cartoon Network animated show) with a new series of original graphic novels written by veteran comics and animation writer Amy Wolfram (Teen Titans Go!).  Due on October 10, Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High (MSRP $9.99) will be written by Wolfram and illustrated by artist Yancy Labat.  At Metropolis High, which functions as a follow-up of sorts to DC Super Hero Girls: Search for Atlantis by Shea Fontana and Labat, will be published under DC’s young readers Zoom Imprint (see “DC Zoom and DC Ink”).

DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High will follow the adventures of Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and Zatanna as they try to balance their superhero duties with their high school extracurricular activities.

In addition to the animated DC Super Hero Girls, which premiered on the Cartoon Network last Friday and the graphic novel line, DC has licensed a wide range of tie-in merchandise, including a toy line from Mattel (see “DC Launches DC Super Hero Girls Universe”).