Arcane Wonders showed off the newest expansion for RWBY: Combat Ready and announced a core game restock was inbound at GAMA Trade Show.

The expansion, RWBY: Sub-Boss, features four new villains for players to fight against: Neopolitan, Emerald, Mercury, and season six villain Little Miss.  The expansion is to release May 2019 for $19.99.

RWBY: Combat Ready was originally released at the end of 2018 (see "‘RWBY: Combat Ready’ and ‘Goodcritters’"). Inventory on the core game is expected to be back on store shelves in late April.

On hand as well at the show was the previously announced RWBY: Villains (see "Expansions for ‘RWBY: Combat Read’ and ‘Mage Wars Academy’").  Originally planned to ship in March 2019, RWBY: Villains will ship alongside RWBY: Sub Boss in May.

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