Ruby Nikolopoulou has joined Asmodee North America Distribution as Head of Marketing, where she is building a new team and will oversee marketing strategies and operations, the company announced. 

This represents a return of sorts; Nikolopoulou spent seven years as Marketing Director at Asmodee US Editions, ending in 2016 when management was consolidated with Fantasy Flight Games and Days of Wonder (see “Asmodee, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder Consoloidate”).

Most recently, Nikolopoulou was at CMON, where she was Director of Marketing from 2016 until last summer (see “CMON Hires Asmodee Sales and Marketing Duo”).  Prior to her 10 years in the games business, Nikolopoulou had another 15 years in business development and marketing for Sony, Pepsi, Motorola, and others.

The company Nikolopoulou joins now is very different from the one she left three years ago.  Since her departure, Asmodee North America was split into separate publishing and distribution units (see “The Other Shoe Drops: Asmodee North America Begins Major Restructuring”).  Nikolopoulou joins the market-facing distribution unit, where she will report to Andre Kieren, Head of Asmodee North America Distribution. “Ruby’s successful experience inside and outside of the board game industry will prove invaluable as she helps build programs to support and elevate our business partners, including brick and mortar retailers and our amazing publishers,” Kieren said of the hire.

Nikolopoulou outlined her goals.  “I look forward to helping define and build a marketing team full of talented, passionate people within Asmodee North America Distribution that will bring focus to our impressive catalog of games while also continuing to help it grow,” she said.