An arrest warrant has been issued for former Stan Lee associate Keya Morgan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The warrant charges Morgan, who had not yet been arrested, with multiple counts of elder abuse, including false imprisonment, according to the report.  Morgan’s attorney reportedly said that he expected him to be exonerated.

Just a year ago, Morgan appeared to be ascendant in circle of people surrounding Stan Lee in what turned out to be his final year (see "More on the Feuding Factions Around Stan Lee"), although he was involved in one of the saddest incidents of that time frame, as he appeared to be helping Lee spell his name while signing autographs at a convention.

By June, a restraining order had been issued ordering Morgan to stay away from Lee, and a guardian ad litem had been appointed to represent Lee’s interests in the matter (see "Restraining Order Issued Against Stan Lee Associate").  Just a few months later, Lee passed away at the age of 95 (see "RIP Stan Lee, at 95").