Cover By Daniel Yardin
Marvel has revealed the cover art for the final three Acts of Evil annuals that will be released in September.  The Acts of Evil annuals feature Marvel heroes facing off against enemies they have never encountered before.

Cover By Ema Lupacchino
Marvel announced a total of eight Acts of Evil annuals back in April (see “Marvel Kicks Off Acts of Evil With Three Annuals”).  The series will kick off with the July release of annuals for Ms. Marvel, Punisher, and Venom, followed by the August release of Deadpool and She-Hulk annuals (see “More ‘Acts of Evil’ Uncovered”).

Cover By Phillip Tan
Today Marvel unveiled the covers for the three September Acts of Evil annuals, Ghost Spider Annual #1: Ghost Spider vs. Arcade, Moon Knight Annual #1: Moon Knight vs. Kang, and Wolverine Annual #1: Wolverine vs. Morgan Le Fay.  Marvel also announced that Geraldo Borges would be the penciler for the Wolverine Annual #1.

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