Fantasy Flight Games unveiled a new play mode for its Star Wars: Imperial Assault miniatures game and Legends of the Alliance app.  Raid Mode emphasizes tactics over story.

Two to four players select heroes available in their collection and are given a limited amount of starting credits and XP to begin.  They then engage in a six-round game with objectives to gather intelligence and defeat enemies.  The goals are survival and to accomplish the objectives in the allotted time.  Players that do well can enter their scores into the Legends of the Alliance app for the chance to be inducted into the Hall of Legends.

The inaugural mission is The Malastarian Outpost Raid.  The map is built from components in The Bespin Gambit and Tyrants of Lothal kits.  FFG is also releasing The Malastarian Outpost Raid Map – a three-foot by three-foot, slip-resistant map that features the exact setup.  MSRP is $24.95.  A ship date was not available.