Konami will release the Legendary Duelists:  Immortal Destiny booster pack set for the Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game on September 27.

Legendary Duelists:  Immortal Destiny focuses on the cards used by five of the antagonists from the Yu-Gi-Oh!  animated series:  the Dark Necrofear and Destiny Board used by Bakura in Yu-Gi-Oh!, new “Evil HERO” cards from Jaden’s time as the Supreme King in Yu-Gi-Oh!  GX, Rex Goodwin’s Sun Dragon Inti, Moon Dragon Quilla, and Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca from Yu-Gi-Oh!  5D’s, Quattro’s Gimmick Puppets from Yu-Gi-Oh!  ZEXAL, and Predaplants favored by Yuri in Yu-Gi-Oh!  ARC-V.

The Immortal Destiny set is made up of a total of 58 cards with the following rarities:  31 Common, 10 Rare, 8 Super Rare, and 9 Ultra Rare.  The cards will be sold in 5-card booster packs.  MSRP has not been announced.

September will also see the release of the Rising Rampage Special Edition set (see “‘Rising Rampage’ Makes Waves in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ TCG’”).

It will be followed by the Duel Devastator set in October (see “Top Tournament Cards Reappear in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel Devastator’”).