Dark Horse Comics will launch ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt, a new series that continues the Elfquest saga after The Final Quest, in November.  The new series will feature story by Wendy and Richard Pini, script and layouts by Wendy Pini, and art and colors by Sonny Strait.

The story will pick up after ElfQuest: The Final Quest (see "New ‘ElfQuest’ from Dark Horse"), which told the story of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey.  In the new story, Skywise discovers that there’s a lot he didn’t know about Cutter and after an accident involving his daughter Jink, he sets off on a question from Star Home through uncharted space to the World of Two Moons.

ICv2 talked to Wendy and Richard Pini about their reflections on 40 years of their creation last year (see "ICv2 Interview: ‘Elfquest’ Creators Wendy and Richard Pini").