Magpie Games has detailed the products for its upcoming licensed Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game (see "‘Root’ Transfigures to Role Playing Game").  Magpie Games will release the game through distributors in late 2020.

Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game core rulebook will be a 240-page, full-color hardcover.  The book will include the core rules for the game, playbooks for the six vagabonds (Arbiter, Ranger, Scoundrel, Thief, Tinker, and Vagrant), rules for the three factions (Marquisate, Eyrie Dynasties, and the Woodland Alliance), a map creation system, and additional tables and generators for gameplay.  MSRP is expected to be roughly $39.99.

The Root: Travelers & Outsiders will be a 240, full-color hardcover book.  Travels & Outsiders acts as an expansion to the core rulebook, expanding on the base game.  The book will include playbooks for six new vagabonds (Adventure, Champion, Chronicler, Envoy, Harrier, and Raider), four new factions (Riverfolk Company, Lizard Cult, Grand Duchy, and the Corvid Conspiracy), additional weapon moves, new map mechanics, additional Woodland details, and rules to allow players to integrate their board game copy of Root in the roleplaying campaign.  MSRP is expected to be roughly $39.99.

The Vagabond’s Satchel will add new tools and material to take the game even further.  The set will add a deck of equipment cards to make managing equipment, as well as act as quick reference guides for moves; four 8.5"x11" laminated maps featuring Autumn, Winter, Swampland, and Redwood; custom dice matching the Woodland factions found in the core rollback; and a trifold GM’s screen that will have tools, tables, and information to make running the game smoother.  MSRP has not been announced at this time.

Magpie Games is currently crowdfunding Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter.  The campaign has raised more than $200,000 from over 2,000 backers since launching. Magpie is offering retailers a special pledge level during the campaign.  The pledge will get retailers four copies of the standard edition of Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game, four copies of the standard edition of Root: Travelers & Outsiders, PDF copies of both boos, and all others PDFs unlocked during the campaign.  Release for backers is planned for September.