Horrible Games revealed that they will now be known as Horrible Guild Game Studio. This comes shortly after Luma Games became Horrible's English-language game distributor for the U.S. and Canada (see "Luma Gets Horrible Games").

The company's re-branding is a story of their growth since they first started in 2014. Over the course of five years, Horrible has added several games to their line, new projects to their pipeline, and new people to their studio. Thus, the word "Guild" better describes their current status as a game company because they've gone from a team of two people to a larger group of seven, all with the same goal of producing "cool and innovative games capable of bringing fun to everyone." Along with their new name, they have also unveiled a new shield crest logo with their signature tentacle graphic in the center.

Horrible Guild Game Studio recently announced the release of King's Dilemma and Similo into trade through Luma Games in Q4 (see "'King's Dilemma' and 'Similo' from Luma Games and Horrible Games").