The DC Universe and Warner Television Group has released a new trailer with restricted content for the Harley Quinn adult animated series which is set to launch on November 29 (see "'Harley Quinn' Debut Date, 'Gideon").

The producers weren't kidding when they dubbed this series "adult animated." The new trailer features Harley dropping multiple "F-Bomb's" as well as the Joker telling another character that Harley has HPV. There is also a point in the trailer where Poison Ivy refers to the Legion of Doom as the "Legion of Dildo." From the content of this trailer, it's clear that the days of the maniacally naive but sweet Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series are taking a back seat for now, and there is a new version of Harley emerging in the DC Universe.

Click below to see the new trailer (Warning: Trailer contains Restricted Content)!