Mantic Games has announced a new wave of miniatures and content for the The Walking Dead: All Out War and The Walking Dead: Call to Arms miniatures games.

Mantic will release a new box set featuring Negan and five of his Lieutenants (Dwight, Laura, John, Tara, and Sherry) for use with All Out War and Call to Arms. The box set will include the cards players will need to play the miniatures in both game. The miniatures are the same miniatures featured in The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan. The set will available later this year and MSRP has not been announced at this time.

In March 2020, Mantic will release new hand cast resin miniatures representing Hilltop and Alexandria, including Jesus, Rick, and Maggie. Each pack will feature two Survivors per release and include cards for both All Out War and Call to Arms. MSRP will be $19.99 per pack.

Finally, Mantic will release a new Walking Dead book in April. The book will focus primarily on All Out War content featuring the Hilltop and Alexandria storylines, as well as gathering all scenarios from the expansions. The book will also feature a full Q&A, errata section, new rules, and new scenarios for Call to Arms. MSRP has not been announced at this time.

The Walking Dead comic series came to a surprisingly abrupt end early this year (see “‘The Walking Dead’ Comic To End This Week”), but the property is still going strong in other media (see “‘The Walking Dead’ Renewed for S11, ‘TWD’ Spinoff Goes International Via Amazon, ‘Harley Quinn’ Debut Date, ‘Gideon Falls’ Adapted for TV, ‘Glow’ Final Season, ‘DMZ’ Pilot Ordered”).

Click the gallery below to see a preview of the new miniatures!