Fantasy Flight Games unveiled Rokugan At War, the first Dynasty Pack in the Dominion Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings The Card Game.

Rokugan at War contains 60 brand new cards, with three copies each of 18 different cards and a copy each of six different cards, to Legend of the Five Rings The Card Game that introduce new mechanics for the Dominion Cycle. One of the new mechanics is the keyword "Eminent" that lets a non-stronghold province start the game face-up, and it can never be turned face down. Cards in this Dynasty Pack also feature the Rally ability which allows players to add the top card of their dynasty deck to a face up province after the card with Rally has been revealed in a province.

Rokugan At War will retail for $14.95.

Fantasy Flight Games also announced Legend of the Five Rings: Clan War for Q1 of 2020 (see "New Premium Expansion for 'L5R: The Card Game'").

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