Fantasy Flight Games revealed Spreading Shadows, a new Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Dynasty Pack, for release in Q1 2020.

Spreading Shadows is the second expansion in the Dominion cycle for L5R.  Rokugon is on the brink of war again and there is an uneasy feeling in the Imperial Capital.  In the meantime, the Crab Clan is battling with the approaching darkness from the south, and the Emerald Empire is beginning to become unraveled by the chaos.  This new Dynasty Pack adds new provinces, cards that feature the "rally" keyword, and focuses on dynasty events.

Spreading Shadows will retail for $14.95.

Fantasy Flight Games previous announced the first Dynasty Pack for the Dominion cycle in November (see "Fantasy Flight Games Unveils 'Legend of the Five Rings The Card Game: Rokugan At War'").

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