New comic publisher Bad Idea has committed to send $25,000 to comic stores, divided equally between the first 100 stores to commit to carry the publisher’s comics, to support them during the coronavirus crisis. 

The company, formed by Valiant Entertainment alumni and led by Dinesh Shamdasani and Warren Simmons (see “New Comic Book Publisher ‘Bad Idea’ Enters the Fray”), also announced the delay of its first release, Eniac #1 (see “Preview: ‘Eniac’ #1”), from May 6 until “later in the year.”

Despite the delay in release of its first title, which will be distributed direct to a limited number of stores, the company said it is doubling the pace of current content production, beginning work that had not been scheduled until 2021. 

“There would be a Bad Idea without our creators and retail partners,” the company said in a statement “We love comics and the people who make and sell them, and want to help where we can during this uncertain time.”