San Diego Comics will be closing at the end of the May, owner Bob Bellman told his customers on Facebook this weekend.  "Because of the COVID-19 virus, Diamond will not be distributing any new books until May 20th," he wrote.  "I can't hold out that long."  Diamond shut down new comic distribution in late May, and is planning a resumption of shipments later this month (see "Diamond to Resume Weekly New Product Distribution").

San Diego Comics has been in business since 1992, according to the San Diego Reader.  It was founded by Greg Pharis, whose Golden State Comics was one of the very early comic stores in the San Diego area, founded in 1976.

This is the second long-lived California comic store to close as a result of the coronavirus crisis; Lee’s Comics in Mountain View, California announced that it would not re-open after shutting down in March (see "First Bay Area Store Casualty").