Asmodee USA will distribute games from Italian game publisher Giochi Uniti International to the U.S. market beginning in August, the companies announced.  Giochi Uniti games are published under the Stratelibri brand in their home market, and include titles such as Kingsburg and Letters from Whitechapel.

Upcoming games from the line include Bar Barians, a game of tavern brawling, Kingsburg: Roll & Write, Smiles and Daggers, and Guilds.

"[W]e knew Asmodee USA was a perfect partner to help us achieve our mission of uniting people around the world through entertaining board games.  Gaming is sharing," Giochi Uniti dP, Strategic Planning Stefano De Carolis said of the new deal.

Giochi Uniti games have previously been distributed in the U.S. by Elfinworks (see "Will Niebling Forms Elfinworks"), under their own brand and by Fantasy Flight games (see "New Game Company in U.S."), and by Passport (see "’Kingsport Festival’").