Games Workshop announced two new squads for Blood Bowl coming to stores on July 11.

Mixed hybrid teams are back again for Blood Bowl and The Underworld Creepers – Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl Team are ready for action. This team of Skaven and Goblins have joined forces to spawn new strengths and fresh tactics. The kit comes with 6 unique Goblins with interchangeable heads, 3 Skaven Linemen, a Skaven Blitzer, a Skaven Thrower, a Skaven Gutter Runner,  3 Goblin and 3 Skaven balls, one of each team's tokens and turn markers, a transfer sheet, and 12 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

The Middenheim Maulers – Old World Alliance Blood Bowl Team features the best of the Human, Dwarf, and Halfling players. The Humans offer flexibility, Dwarves are stout and tough, and the Halfling are  slippery which makes a winning combination for a mixed team. This box comes with 3 unique Halfling Hopefuls, 3 Human Linemen, a Human Blitzer, a Human Thrower, 3 Dwarf Blockers, a Dwarf Runner, a Dwarf Blitzer, a Dwarf Troll Slayer, 3 Dwarf and 3 Human balls, one each of Human and Dwarf team tokens and turn markers, a transfer sheet, and 15 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

Both teams will retail for $42.00 each.

Games Workshop last released The Fire Mountain Gut Busters in December (see "Punt the Runts with 'The Fire Mountain Gut Busters'").

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